ice folly

I must make a confession. I saw this guy tippy-toeing out to meet his buddy on the ice of the Mill Pond today and I ran the other way. I didn’t have a kayak, a rope, a long pole or a life preserver to help them if I was unlucky enough to witness them go in, so I ran in the other direction. I know it isn’t very Gallant of me, but I have always been more Goofus, anyway.

The pond has not been frozen for very long at all. It just iced over this past holiday week, but these guys were itchy. They just had to get out there and bait a hook. I know there are guidelines for ice depth and all that, and maybe they measured and tested and it proved to be just fine. But do they really need to fish that desperately to risk going in? I imagine they couldn’t sit too closely together or their combined weight would be a greater risk, so where’s the fun? That Carhart coat would not make swimming easy…the whole scene was just scary. So I ran.

Word to all chance-takers in my midst: I figure if you are willing to take the chance, you are willing to accept the consequences. One man’s folly does not constitute a sensible gal’s rescue of said man. Sensible gals will be running in the other direction.

4 responses to “ice folly

  1. The only thing I might have done would have been to toss them out a bottle of schnapps or brandy to keep them warm…! ;->
    BTW:Fishing on a snow-free lake like that is fun. You can see to the bottom!

  2. Enjoyed your story. I had a similar experience when i first lived on Green. I sat with phone in hand ready to dial 911. After witnessing the lack of reasonable caution in these first freeze crazy fishermen for many years I now trend to ignore their dangerous behavior. 🙂

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