tuesday night drawing club

The greenwater garage drawing club is not really a club. It’s an online community of adults who belong to each other in the pursuit of a drawing practice.

The weekly workshops are led by Kristin and are open to adults of all skill levels. Each session has a focus of study based in a drawing fundamental and is intended to inspire your own learning and practice.

The topics are designed to be random, so you can join anytime. Kristin will lead the work with her knowledge of the techniques, share some pro tips and provide references for further exploration, if needed.

The format is an online meeting place (Zoom) on Tuesdays from 6p-8p where the topic is shared. Discussion occurs among the participants and questions are answered by Kristin in a live format. Limit 12 people/session.

You can post your explorations to our private Facebook community–or not. It has proven to be a deeper learning opportunity for those who also learn from each other.

In 2019, we could gather around the same worktable to share ideas and learn from each other — or sometimes we just talked.

Email | kristin@greenwatergarage.com

Facebook | https://www.facebook/greenwatergarage/

Instagram | @greenwatergarage

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