Butterfly & Moth Companion Mural Project

We’re going to embark on a new public art project during the 2021 New London Fall Festival, Sept 18-25, when we’ll gather to paint a variety of butterflies and moths.

Folks have asked, “Why butterflies and moths?” and I have two reasons. First is the process. Painting separately to build a larger mural image works really well with this mural painting technique. Second is the metaphor. Butterflies and moths have lives of transformation and resilience, which are appropriate reminders for us in the present moment. The bonus reason is that both are pollinators and I believe in supporting all of the hardworking pollinators.

The murals are two separate compositions made up of butterflies and moths that are native to MN. I’ve consulted with our local Monarch expert, Laura Molenaar, to make sure the butterfly and moth species we represent are not invasive, imagined or residents of some other continent. She will also help me provide field guide info about the species we paint, so painters can learn a little something, too.

Two of my neighbors have agreed to host the murals on the exteriors of their buildings. Heather Larson of The Groom Zone will host the butterflies and Bethany Lacktorin of New London Little Theatre will host the moths. I am so grateful for their participation!

WHERE: The north patio of greenwater garage + gallery on the 1st Ave South side of the building

Cost is $20/painting [Cash or Venmo on site at event]

HOW – You will be provided with a butterfly or moth outline on a fabric panel, 1-3 paint cups of your choosing and the brushes needed. The outlines of the butterflies and moths will be species-accurate, but you will be encouraged to paint in colors you choose — which need not be species-accurate. No special skills are required; all ages are welcome. One painting will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. When you are done, you will hang them on a clothesline to dry.

ONCE ALL ARE COMPLETED – I will compose the finished butterflies and moths, then apply them to the two exterior walls (similar to the images above) to form gatherings of flutters.


Sat / Sep 18 / 10a – 2p

Sun / Sep 19 / 10a – 2p

Thu / Sep 23 / 3p – 6p

Fri / Sep 24 / 3p – 6p

Sat / Sep 25 / 10a – 2p

*Schedule changes will be announced via greenwater garage Facebook & Instagram pages


If you are interested in sponsoring one or more paintings, I will make them available to young people who do not have the resources to participate. Contact me via email to set up a sponsorship: kristin@greenwatergarage.com. Thanks so much for your support!


  • Laura & Jim Molenaar
  • Amaethon Ag
  • Anonymous

*All proceeds go to cover supplies, equipment, advertising, research, design, facilitation and installation time for the artist. These are self-funded murals; no grant funds are supporting this project. Your support for this public art benefit is greatly appreciated.