hanging with my idols

Mary Wohnoutka and Sandy Saulsbury

I am lucky because on any given day I could run into one of these gals at an event, a meeting or walking down the street. They are Mary and Sandy and I want to be like them when I grow up.

These are the kind of women that see a world of possibility for the communities they live in. They can also rally the troops to make important things happen. They’ve been serving on the Spicer Beautification Committee along with several other committed citizens who are interested in making their town more visually appealing, lively and connected. Every town should have such a volunteer work team.

On this day, they asked me to lunch because they wanted to get a new dream going. Like all of us, these women have been thin on social interactions and their project-team has been on hiatus. They needed to talk about possibilities and options, color and change. I am so honored to be brought in to their process.

I cannot divulge what they are thinking, but we are moving into the proposal stage. This is where the ladies will work their magic; selling the idea, engaging their committee, finding the resources, lining up volunteers and equipment. They won’t climb the scaffold, but they “know a guy” — if you know what I mean.

It was an honor to enjoy a long lunch of possibilities with my idols. Carry on, Sandy and Mary!

One response to “hanging with my idols

  1. How could we be so lucky to have you as our friend. You always inspire us to be better and stronger. Add a wonderful lunch to this and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you!!!💕

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