it’s granular

We are back at our weekly practice after a refreshing holiday break, and I tell ya — it feels great! I have a new attitude, more energy and some clever ideas. We’ll be creating paintings inspired by folk art from around the globe on Mondays, and on Tuesdays, we’ll be doing some study of classic forms defined by light and shadow. I expect great work will emerge from every session–it always does!

But I cannot lie — the best thing about starting our practice again is the people. Over the last two years, the folks who have been painting and drawing together with me have become good friends. I’ve realized these weird pandemic years will not be defined by the virus, but by the connections we’ve made while we try to figure out what brush to use and the stories we’ve told each other while working on our warm up exercises. Belonging to these people has buoyed me, and many of them would say the same.

So when I invite you to join us on our drawing/painting journey, I do not do it flippantly. What we have here is a real community that encourages expression and will support your individual growth. If you have wanted to draw since forever / if you are watercolor-curious / if you can’t sketch a stick person to save your life but you are willing to put in the regular practice, we just might be the community for you.

I build my exercises in such a way that a beginner can find a starting place at the same time a more experienced creator can find inspiration for new work. Sometimes our study is foundational, sometimes it’s a brand new technique; but always it is practice.

My sessions are structured on my belief that learning is granular, so the lessons are simple and small. Bit by bit we learn the fundamentals of a creative practice until we build confidence in our own work. The sessions are not sequential and participating in one isn’t required to understand the next. This way, you can join as you are able and still learn something new. It’s challenging and fun!

You can join us online or in-person and all the material lists and registration links are on the monday we paint and tuesday night drawing club tabs on this website. Practice with us sometime!

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