the who and the why

smBlogThis is me — Kristin Allen; owner and curator of greenwater garage + gallery. I am an artist & designer with work experience in many industries in marketing and communications, product and graphic design, packaging and retail display. I am a freelance designer serving clients throughout the region, a member of WORKUP on the MinnWest Technology Campus and an instigator of projects within the New London Business Network.

I have a passion for community building, creative placemaking and collaborative art projects that began when I served as the Artistic Director for the Riverspace Project (made possible by an ArtPlace America grant). The grant empowered the community to embrace an under-used natural resource through public art projects. I worked closely with enthusiastic project leaders, Forecast Public Art, our community partners and the national ArtPlace America network to make our own rural mark on the field of creative placemaking. Fantastic stuff!

I love it here at greenwater. Stuff happens here; important stuff. Stop by for a tour & a visit sometime!