monday we paint

On Mondays we learn about materials, tools and mediums while we paint an image of our own design.

Each session will include a review of the materials we’ll use, a color mixing and use demonstration and guidance through making a small-format painting. You are welcome to follow the mixing directions, practice and paint along with the instruction. Attendees are invited to ask questions, share your work and participate fully in the workshop. You can use this series as a starting point or as inspiration for your continued painting practice.

You may join online or in-person (vaccination required). Simply sign up on Eventbrite at the Register button below. The format is in-person with ‘Zoom-in-the-room,’ so you will get to meet friends from other places who join us in our practice.

Each session is $10, open to adults of all skill levels and is designed to encourage and inspire your individual painting practice. Once you attend your first session, you’ll be invited to post your artwork to a private greenwater Facebook community. As you develop your practice in the company of others, you will find support, encouragement, inspiration and friends!

Material List:

  • Graphite pencils – 2H, 2B or mechanical pencil
  • Black waterproof ink pens [Micron]
  • White and metallic pens or paint markers of your choice (GellyRoll, Pentel Milky Pop, Sharpie)
  • PAINT:
    • Gouache [Winsor&Newton, Holbein] in a set or these individual colors— Titanium White, Mars Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow Ochre
    • Acryla Gouache [Holbein] in a set or these individual colors— Titanium White, Mars Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow Ochre
  • 2-3 flat brushes [sizes 3-12] appropriate for your paint
  • 2-3 round brushes [sizes 3-12] appropriate for your paint
  • Mixed media paper (9×12) OR a tablet of same [Canson, Strathmore]
  • Watercolor paper (9×12) OR a tablet of same [Canson, Strathmore]
  • Black mixed media paper in any size [Strathmore, Legion Stonehenge]
  • White palette and white mixing surface in ceramic or plastic
  • Palette/mixing knife
  • Container for water
  • Cloth rag or paper towels
  • Lo-tack masking tape
  • Scissor
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Smooth painting board, clipboard or surface where you can tape down your paper if you are not using a tablet

*Always use the art materials you already own. Bring your supplies along if you plan to attend in person.

Prior to each session, you will receive an email containing inspirational images to spur your imagination for the evening’s project. You can print them out or make them available on another device in order to use them as reference during the practice.

The format of the greenwater garage online workshops is casual, conversational and interactive. If you are joining online, you are encouraged to join with your mic and video on in order to interact with the instructor and the other members of the workshop. This is a great way to try out a new technique!

Dates & Topics Schedule

May 2 – Roses / Red

May 9 – Apricots / Orange

May 16 – Bumblebee / Yellow

May 23 – Luna Moth / Green


Jun 6 – Seascape / Blue

Jun 13 – Starscape / Indigo

Jun 20 – NO SESSION                     

Jun 27 – Night Cityscape / Violet


Jul 11 – Three Tomatoes / Red

Jul 18 – Heirloom Carrots / Orange

Jul 25 – Sweet Pepper / Yellow

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