whirly & worldly


I’m doing this really messy, mind-blowing project for WORKUP. It all comes from hanging around with Betsy too much. I hear her talk, I get inspired by her passions and energy and I get caught up in the whirl of it all. If you have ever spent any time with her, you know of what I say. She is a force.

Anyway, she had a blank wall in her WORKUP space and wanted some form of art to fill it. So she asked me to create something. No specific direction beyond that, just trust. (Holy!) I began to seek inspiration for such a work in the space itself. But I need more. Naturally, I take all of Betsy’s talk, passions, energy and whirl into the project with me to help me create a piece that reflects or interprets or contributes to all of that.

I reflect & journal on all our random conversations over the last couple of years as she was conceiving of this WORKUP project; watching her vision develop. It was radical–especially for Willmar. But she slowly and doggedly built her tribe. She found local advocates, partners and comrades. She looked to others in co-working communities around the nation and the globe to help guide her plan. The struggles and frustrations of the process were met by her resilient optimism and determination. And along the path to making her vision a reality, she has built an authentic community. As I said, she is a force.

WORKUP is a fantastic place–the built environment is truly unique–but the best part of what Betsy and her REDstar team has created is the community of WORKUP. It is made up of thinkers, dreamers and makers. Folks with creativity, practical knowledge and compassion. The building has a beautiful views from every window, but more importantly, the community inhabiting the place has a global perspective.

This morning, as I get ready to go back to the studio to continue my work on this increasingly complex piece of art, I realize that I am taking all of that with me. The conversations, the energy, the whirl, the optimism, the community, the perspective–the force–all of it. Not as weight or pressure, but as inspiration and support. Very invigorating stuff. The kind of stuff that makes me excited to get back at it. Ok–gotta go!

“Thanks, Betsy,” said the world.

Find out more about WORKUP at workup.cc