back for a visit


He happened to be in town visiting friends, so he stopped in to show me what he’d been doing since he saw me last. (This kind of thing is a complete thrill for me!)

A little background: Carsten had been part of the Tuesday Night Drawing Club here at greenwater in the winter of 2014. During those sessions, he had revived an old practice of drawing that he’d used as a draftsman in the military long, long ago. He really enjoyed those Tuesday sessions and had big plans for his sharpened skills. He was going to spend the following summer hiking his way through Norway and he did not want to take a camera–he wanted to draw what he saw.

When he stopped in the garage, he had his sketchbook along and offered to show me what he had drawn and how he had used those drawings to capture his experiences in a better way than photos ever could. We had a long talk about the hand-brain connection and how drawing his world has expanded and enhanced it. This is a special guy, taking notes on his life with pencils and paint as he travels through it. What a beautiful thing to witness. It was a fine gift to me to stop and share his travel journal with me. A very fine gift.

May your road be long and colorful, Carsten.