pain in the neck


On Saturday I had an awful pulled muscle on the right side of my neck and shoulder. It was less likely an injury than a stress point from the tension I’d endured the whole previous week. My email had gone down, I was missing communications and my online life was a horrible mess all week long. The physical manifestation of that mess decided to settle in my right shoulder and the pain kept me from sleeping, concentrating and enjoying anything. But, obviously, it was all a self-inflicted problem.

I decided the best remedy was to make my second mandala. I thought it would help me relax, put my problems out of my mind and release the tension on the side of my neck. I spent the day in the studio working on it, making the most of a day alone. I let the silence tell me what the next gesture would be, let the universe tell me which color to mix and where it belonged.


After I was done I put the two mandalas side by side, and….whoa.

That was some pain in the neck.

3 responses to “pain in the neck

  1. Dear inspiring, creative teacher and cousin-sister. You never cease to amaze me and cast light into my world. Thank you. I love this more than words can express.

  2. Pain or no, both are wonderful; pure expression really and beautiful to boot and they seem so personal in a way that I feel like it is astonishing you are sharing them, and I’m so very glad.

  3. These beauties leave me speechless. Jaw-dropping in their luscious colors and depth. And your story of how they came about is a testimony to turning negatives into hard-won positives. The only thing I wish is that I could see them in person…! Hugs across the miles dear friend, K

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