black is sensible


When I took Life Drawing I as an MCAD freshman with Judith Roode, I was unprepared for her passion. She was a trendsetter–a petite powerhouse dressed all in black so her day spent with charcoal didn’t show so much. She had a big voice that would direct our drawing practice with energy and structure that I intensely appreciate all these years later. She was an accomplished artist whose medium of choice was charcoal and graphite, and yet she tolerated students like me who saw packed carbon as a pastime, not a serious medium.

This changed in me, however, and I took Drawing II and III because I loved what she taught me. I couldn’t get enough of the criticisms she delivered in a strong tone, the tricks she would teach us and the value she put on the skill of drawing. It seemed as though she darted through drawing class like a bolt of lightning, so strong was her energy and clarity of craft. As my work improved I could tell she resented me just a little less.

When Kari Weber and I talked about starting a drawing club, it was Judy Roode’s enthusiasm that resonated through me all these years later. I dug up a black turtleneck and black jeans. I was dying to draw again.

There’s no Judy here, but Tuesday evenings have turned into some of my favorite nights ever here at the garage. Kari and I have started Tuesday Night Drawing Club through NL-S Community Ed, and we have 7-10 folk who have turned out to join us. It is a quiet, relaxing couple hours each Tuesday night, and I am enjoying the heck out of it. Some of the attendees are experts, some are absolutely new to the process of drawing/seeing and some are in the middle; all are willing to work and learn. It is a fantastic way to spend a winter evening.

20140121_185134 (2)

You can join us anytime; details are on the next fun thing page of this website. There’s no dress code, though black is a sensible choice.

3 responses to “black is sensible

  1. Did this just pop up or were you cooking it for a while?

    I’m very proud of you and I hope to attend a Tuesday nite drawing class soon.

    Now about wearing black..

  2. This looks like so much fun and such a great gathering of kindred-spirits. I wish I lived closer! Cheers to Judith Roode, keeper of the drawing flame. What an amazing professor.

  3. I too have fond memories of Judith Roode as an MCAD freshman. I have recently been attending the MCAD life drawing co-ops and was inspired to learn more about Judith in my years post-MCAD. Your post came up on a search engine. Thank you for sharing your memories. They are the same as mine. I particularly loved her black puffy slippers that she darted around in during class. I might get myself a pair and wear them when attending the co-op!

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