local potter talk + show


The New London Arts Alliance hosted local potter, Bill Gossman, at our Artluck at greenwater on the third Thursday of the month. We were in a blizzard warning, but Bill wanted to go forward with it anyway–weather be damned! He was a 2013 SMAC grant recipient, and he really wanted to share the work he created for that grant and tell the story of its inspiration.

As it turns out, it was perfectly well-attended and turned into a lovely evening of live music (thanks, Maggie & Andrew), storytelling, conversation–all while we were drinking Bill’s ale and consuming his snacks. I am terribly sorry you missed it if you did. It was my favorite Artluck so far!

Bill’s grant made it possible for he & Janne to travel to Denmark and spend time on a tiny island with a potter there. The rocky landforms on the edge of the sea informed the shapes and finishes of his new pieces, as did the history of the islands and the stories of the people who live there now. It is his hope that he can bring some of the potters he met through this process to New London for a very showy kind of firing–ask him about it next time you see him. It’s dramatic!


Bill among his new creations, with his own lamps lighting up the work. Terrific!

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