exercising with the team

I am part of a talented group of freelancers assembled by REDstar Creative, an advertising/PR/marketing agency based in Willmar, MN. I love working with these folks, because each brings their own talent, skill & knowledge from their unique work experience into our collective brain trust, and together we are so dang smart!

On a recent Monday, we gathered at greenwater for client-training (the creative team learns about a specific client, their industry and their corporate philosophy & mission in order to serve them better). It was really informative and we all came out of it feeling better-informed about the work we were about to take on.

As always, Betsy planned a creative exercise while we were together. She asked us to add our favorite quotes to a huge sign she painted–in any form of application we chose. It may be an ongoing activity for future gatherings, as she has lots of room on that monster-sized barn door!

Great fun–these creative exercises with the team (sans sweatsuits)!



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