junk is crack

There is a certain segment of the population that knows exactly what I mean. We are crazy for the stuff–one could easily say we’re addicted. My recent trip to the annual JunkBonanza left me with this epiphany.

We spend money we shouldn’t on it. We are willing to lay down large amounts of cold hard cash just for one more hit of a fabulous farm-implement lamp or rail station dolly. We have our favorite dealers we go back to time and again because we know they have the good stuff. They have contacts and sources that put us in line for the next grain scoop, hand-carved cornice or telephone booth. Once home, we bask in the warm glow of our collapsible shopping cart, over-dyed grain sack or porcelain bathing tub. I know that the simple act of opening the lid of my display letter set can make my heart race and cheeks flush.

And the acquisition of an authentic piece of retro advertising signage? That’s main-lining, baby.

Junk is crack.

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