yay! for guts

This was a special day. My pal, Naomi, and I were celebrating her huge personal milestone. She had just prepared her artwork for display at Make.Do.Workshop, here in New London (www.makedoworkshop.com). She has been sculpting her characters for a long while, but wondering if anyone else would understand or enjoy them like she does–and those in her close circle do. Most of her creations are inspired by her family and the characters she has met along her path. We had been discussing at long length the importance of showing her work to a larger audience. Getting it out there in the open air. Exposing it to random viewers–and rallying the guts to do that.

And then, she did. She made contact with Christa at Make.Do. and the deal was set. Naomi Noeldner is exhibiting her work in the retail area of Make.Do., and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should stop by for a look-see! You can check out their website for more information about their workshop and to find out what other learning opportunities they offer.

I am so proud of Naomi. Yay! for guts.

One response to “yay! for guts

  1. Kudos to Naomi (who is NOT lacking in guts). Hey, how come you pose all of us with a bottle of white?…..

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