i know where waldo is

You think I’m kidding, but all I have to do to answer age-old questions it to look out my office window. it has been happening ever since I moved in. Stuff happens on this corner in New London, MN. Sure, vehicles of all types pass by at high rates of speed, drivers regularly roll through stop signs, and kids ride bikes through the grass in their swimming suits with towels around their necks—but I’m talking serious now. Stuff happens here that I couldn’t make up. Age-old questions are answered.

Like, “Where’s Waldo?”

My kids had all these books. The boys and I have been searching for Waldo for nearly 20 years. Today I found him. He just walked by like it was no big deal. He’s in New London, everybody!

Apparently a game of tennis is a costume affair in New London. I love this kid–he is a spirited encouragement to us all to be unafraid to be found walking down Main Street.

Next up: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”

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