had a blast at studio hop!

Kari Lindquist-Weber exhibited with me at this year’s Studio Hop. It was so fun. We are Dakota-girls, she & I; the horizontal line is prominent in our visual memories. Her North Dakota roots dramatically influence her paintings — she knows the meaning of big sky! The stories of each of her paintings tell tales of her family, her childhood and her strong connection to the landscape. (You can see more about her at http://www.facebook.com/KariCLWeber )

When Kari came to set up, she brought her sister, Tracy, who kept us focused and on track throughout the event. What a great help she was–many of the shots I am displaying here are hers, so she deserves a huge thank you!

Kari sketched this hummingbird while relaxing in between crowds of visitors.

For me the Studio Hop is all about the stories, and this year there was no shortage of storytelling. I had plenty of practice telling the story of greenwater and giving tours. It was great fun and I’m excited to hear all the enthusiasm and support Ryan & I have for this venture. We love the place, and we are glad others do, too. My artwork display included my wordsinwire and paintings of swimmer girls (they have a story, too). I always love to see people’s reaction to the wire words–I never know who is going to connect with a piece, and it is so fun to be surprised.

I also displayed my in-progress work on my sculpture series, ourtangledconversation. This is a fun project to explain because once I start describing the concept, eyes light up and heads start nodding and grins expand. It never fails–someone always adds a new thought or challenges my perspective. I appreciate all these ideas. They make me richer.

As always, my support team was on duty to help the Studio Hop event go smoothly. Thanks to my husband, my moms (they are twins), my boys and to Kari’s entourage–Tracy, Marlene, Beau and all the rest. We couldn’t be fabulous without you!

Thank you to all who visited us during the Hop! Be sure to attend next year–it’s always something different! Bookmark www.studiohop.org to keep track of next year’s show.

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