buckets in the cellar


It was a great evening. Ryan hosted his first experimental Brew Club session, and it sure looked like a big success. Good friends, new friends, smart alecks and bad jokes were all present for this night of fun. They brewed three different kinds of beer at staggered times so they could manage it all in one evening. There are now three bubbling buckets in the basement, fermenting and festering for the next month or so. Each session of Brew Club has three stages: Brew/Bottle/Taste. In between the stages the yeast needs to consume the sugars and the fermentation process needs to take place. It’s a special kind of science, really.

The byproduct of an event like this is actually of greater value than the tubs of brew in the cellar: it’s the new connections made between fellows who might otherwise not have the opportunity to meet one another. That’s why we’re in this game: collide, converse, collaborate. Once again, greenwater mission: accomplished.

If you are interested in joining up with the next session of the greenwater Brew Club, check out the next fun thing page on this site and send an email to Ryan at ryan@greenwatergarage.com. He’d love to hear from you.

One response to “buckets in the cellar

  1. Wish we all could have been there. Sounds like a team leadership and teamwork workshop in the making. Maybe I can sell ownership on that.


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