lucky town

teenage drop-inThis tall drink of water has been stopping in at greenwater after play practice lately. He’s a helpful character; he can reach the clock I mounted up high and he can do some light decorating or clean-up if needed. He’s a good-natured freshman at NL-S and has two younger brothers of equally high caliber. His latest visit got me thinking.

I’m of an age now when I catch myself referring to ‘this younger generation’ a lot–and not often followed by flattery. Maybe it is a flash of frustration as a parent or just resentment of my own aging. Whatever my issues of the moment might be, I realize I am painting with an awfully broad brush. Maybe a broom.

Because when a kid like this crosses your threshold because he wants to…you feel lucky. A kid like this makes you realize how many really great kids we have in our community. Some wear goofy eye goggles or neon ties to church; some sing out loud no matter where they are; some are shy & quiet, but smirk at your jokes when you think they aren’t listening. I have recently had opportunities to meet & get to know some wonderful personalities housed in our local teenagers, and I feel lucky. In the fall, the cross-country runners stopped by for a sip of water during a run and demonstrated their knowledge of yoga. Over the holiday break, a team of young imagineers came here to work on their concept of a future city, and I have never heard such fast-paced chatter. And dear Kenzie, who worked with me last summer, has been coming by to share her art and composition projects with me. Truly–lucky me.

I look forward to my next visit from this teenage drop-in, who said he would be bringing his guitar with him next time.

We live in Lucky Town.

2 responses to “lucky town

  1. We live in a lucky town because you are such a welcoming and inspiring soul to so many kids, mine included! Thanks for all you do to shape their creative minds and artistic talents.

  2. What a day-brightener. Thanks for sharing, and for for all the covert work you do as a community builder.

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