pronunciation matters

Personally, not a fan. Although I can relate to the comraderie of a red solo cup and I have been known to point to my dog while singing the last line of “Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses”—I can’t say I am a big Toby Keith-type. But New London attracts many types…not just mine.

On Thursday morning, a fellow wearing a FORD EVENT STAFF t-shirt pulled up and parked right on Main Street. At first I thought he was lost, but he walked around to the passenger door, loaded his pipe and had a leisurely smoke on the sidewalk.

He eventually made his way into Car Quest Auto Parts. While he was inside, there was a long string of passersby like myself, peering, taking pictures, and wondering–so where’s Toby?

While I was taking pictures, I realized that the title of the tour was a little confusing. Which way do you pronounce LIVE? Because it matters. Obviously I am not a TK concert-goer, just a passing observer, but what does Toby mean? The long-I version of live suggests the tour is live-performance-running-in-high-gear-range. I guess I prefer this pronunciation because it is less preachy and puts the pressure on TK rather than the audience. And I’m betting the promoters intended that reading too. It rhymes.

So the FORD EVENT guy came out with the Car Quest guy and gave him a tour of the truck. They talk, consult, discuss, and go back in the shop. This same routine goes on all day with other Car Quest employees, curious kids, random residents and Toby Keith fans.

Apparently the advice offered at Car Quest Auto Parts in New London, MN, is sought after when Ford sponsors a tour. It’s true…everything really does happen here.


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