innovations in agriculture


This gal is an innovator. Had she not stopped by CarQuest in downtown New London to pick up a few parts this afternoon, I might never have known about her portable test plot.

Think about it: her crop is a managable size and its portability means it goes where she goes and is under her continuous watch. The effects of hail or wind are eliminated by simply pulling the crop into the garage. Nevermind that dang neighbor’s drift — just put the topper on the truck. And she has totally taken herself out of the till/no-till conversation. Yield may be an issue, but if this test plot works out, she may find similar success with more plants in the bed or hitch up a trailer. Harvest will be a fuss-free affair, as she can probably just wait till the corn has reached its optimim moisture content and just pull into the elevator. Nice.

There are examples of innovative thinking all over our little town. We just gotta keep our eyes open.

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