Goodbye old electrical conduit stubs!

Today, during the process of prepping the floor for paint, I had to (finally) lop off the remaining pipes that housed the electrical wiring under the floor of the service bay. It was a cool system, running under the floor like that, but we just couldn’t reuse it. In true girl-garage fashion, I borrowed a grinder from Richie (my father-in-law), put on some protective eyewear and took those pipes down to the nubbins. It is hard to really be comfortable with that many sparks, but it sure was a rush!

So here’s a question: If I recruited qualified instructors with various skills, would anyone be interested in a girl garage workshop? Heck, I’d even let boys attend. We should all learn how to use power tools, weld or pour concrete. Let me know of your interest by email and I will start my recruiting.

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