I’ve just posted my Monday and Tuesday offerings for the month of January and I find myself excited for the continued practice and intentional camaraderie of these evenings. I’d never have guessed that the workshops I was hosting in the garage would work online, but it has turned out pretty dang good.

You are invited to give it a try if you are so inclined–and in an effort to relieve any fears, it may be helpful to share my philosophy about these greenwater sessions:

Art is expression. Creating art is a way to express yourself and some of your most interesting expressions will not be perfect or lovely or framable. Your expression will be different from others’ and discovering yours is the point of it all.

Practice is the point. We will all get better at something if we do it regularly. A creative practice is no different. No one in this group is striving for perfection; we are all practicing.

Use your art materials. If you own them, you might as well get them out and use them up. I always say, “Let me not pass from this world with ink in my pen.” I do my best to keep the required materials to a minimum and open to what you already own.

Surprise feeds creativity. My design theory professor used to preach that the first 30mins after a creative challenge is issued is the most valuable time you will spend on solving it. That is the time your brain will come up with the most inventive ideas and solutions. I believe it is hard to be creative if nothing ever sneaks up on you. Don’t worry, you get used to it.

Gather around the same worktable. The sessions are designed to have you work along with the exercise while we are online together. We can struggle, share what we are doing and ask questions as we try the techniques at the same time. This isn’t perfect, of course, but we can show our work to each other and get encouragement or tips as we go.

The idea is simple. Gather with intention, learn something new, spark inspiration, share work and encourage each other. Hang with me and I will teach you what I know.

I hope you will consider joining us. You need not have any prior experience, but even if you have a bit of a practice going, you will find something new to try. This is a non-linear collection of workshops, so you can join as you are able without the dreaded FOMO. Get more info and a link to register on this website.

Stinky ol’ 2020 may be a lemon of a year, but I invite you to enjoy this lemonade!

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