so the learning sticks

The sessions always seem to involve storytelling, conversation and laughter. Even when the jokes are bad.

We worked in washes this week, with trees as our subject matter. We are learning about watercolor and gouache on Mondays, ink and watercolor on Tuesdays. We are warming up, experimenting, working on the mechanics of our practice and learning the limits and possibilities of the media. Every session contains learning, but my strategy is to take it slow so the learning sticks.

My goal isn’t to help you make one particular drawing or painting, I want to share the value of a continued creative practice and help you discover how to express yourself visually.

The sessions are online and live. We gather casually and conversation is encouraged as we work, then we share photos of our explorations in real time and in a private Facebook community. I demonstrate the use of the media and share tips & tricks of all kinds and include at least one fundamental art principle in each session. I want you to discover your own visual expression like you did when you were a kid — when you found out how to draw a robot, a horse or a mermaid-fairy-shark-princess. I do my best to strip the experience of intimidation in order to give everyone the right amount of information and encouragement. Zoom gatherings aren’t as wonderful as the sessions we held at the garage, but they are real good.

Creating in community is really fun and enriches your learning. Come work with us sometime. I’ll show you what I mean.

Below are examples of participant work from the first week in December.

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