yes, i cheated at book club

Ever since we remodeled the garage, I have planned to show all forms of projection on the back wall.–presentations, art and films for small audiences. It has all been a dream until we tried it this past week–until then, I didn’t know if it would work. I have wanted to test it by showing one of my favorite films to a group of women, so I picked my book club.

It was my turn this month, and instead of a book, I decided to share a foreign film. I figure having to read subtitles gets me by on a technicality, since reading is still required. We watched the French film, “Amelié,” and it was really cool seeing it with the club. My pal, Michele, even dressed the part for a little extra French fun. For all but two of the gals, it was their first time seeing this new classic. It sparked a lot of conversation–at least as much as any book would have–and the party didn’t end until midnight, which is a clear record for me, anyway.

I am thrilled that the venue worked so well, and I completely appreciate that my clubmates made no mention of kicking me out, even though I clearly cheated.


2 responses to “yes, i cheated at book club

  1. Amelie is as much a classic as many books! What fun to follow another hometown (V-town) h.s. alum — have been enjoying the REDstar posts on Facebook, as well. ~ Kat B. (classmate with Lisa and Betsy 🙂 )

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