i call her katya

My dear friend, Kate, will be here August 17-18, and I am so very excited! She is one of those treasured people you want to share with others….she is authentic, funny and wildly intelligent. As an illustrator, she has worked with big-name publications & publishers from coast to coast and yet she is modest like her Iowa roots.

I met Kate when we were on-campus roommates at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She was in her last year as an Illustration major, working on her Senior Project–an installation inspired by her journals. This source of her inspiration is still true today. Her work is informed by her deep knowledge of her inner self–an understanding she’s developed through her years of disciplined journaling. Someone who knows themselves so well is a powerful messenger, and Kate is just such a someone.

This friend is like a sister to me, and I am as inspired by her now as I was back at MCAD. I do hope you will come by for a sip & a visit! She has a great career story and is looking forward to sharing it.

You can squeeze us in between the New London Music Festival (www.newlondonmusicfestival.com) and Kaleidoscope Gallery (www.kaleidoscopegallery.blogspot.com) and other Legacy Destination Weekend activities! 

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