brainworms and muskrats

I confess I have had a brainworm lately. I have been positively obsessed with the process of painting the service bay floor. All other projects have been done to satisfaction, but this one has lingered on way too long for my tolerance. It is time to get it completed, according to my brainworm. It has taken so much work and time to clean, caulk, scrub, sand, vacuum, clean again and now cover with primer. It’s been bathed in both acid and base, doused with gallons of water, abraised with wire brushes and scoured with sanding pads until it shone. Well, it was shiny in spots.

Now it is white. Lordy, it is white! Other than this white room the place is a mess, which is contributing to my brainworm. I need to get this project done and put the fort back together again before I go mad.

Everything we’ll be working with from now on is oil-base. We have abandoned latex out of necessity and the fumes have me kinda goofy-headed. Thank goodness the temperature is cool so I can have the windows and doors open.

I keep thinking a muskrat is going to come walking in. Dang brainworms!

One response to “brainworms and muskrats

  1. Muskrat, muskrat candlelight
    Doin’ the town and doin’ it right in the evenin’…….
    Must be Muskrat love ….. oooooo

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