The crack runs the entire span of the service bay floor. It is charming, sure. It adds character and authenticity to the history of the place. It’s cool and all that, but the ugly truth is–it hides dirt & bugs. So it must get patched. We have high-falutin’ gatherings headed for here and we cannot have soot pockets or insect hideouts. Nope.

So we are patching–somebody has to do it. First, we dig out the big gunk with a chisel, shop-vac (used as a verb, which happens in a remodel project–nouns become verbs), then we scrub with a wire brush, shop-vac again, scour with tri-sodium phosphate, rinse, dry, scrub with wire brush, then shop-vac again. Then we can start to caulk, which is slow, tedious and gooey. Once the caulk is in and troweled, we must wait 7 days for it to cure then it must be sanded. Whee! All this so we can paint the floor.

Someday, when you come to visit greenwater for an event or meeting, you will see a lovely cement floor painted in 4 shades of gray. Please do me a favor and look down, gasp audibly, clasp a hand over your mouth and squeal with delight and awe. It will make all this work worthwhile.

One response to “patching

  1. Maybe it’s just me….but I totally see a nose in that crack. Are you sure you’re not caulking up someone’s airway?

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