the bosser and the teller

Hazel picks the shapes, then she chooses the color.

My friend, Hazel, came to help me create a sidewalk mandala in front of greenwater. We kept our distance by working opposite each other in a kind of dance around the design. She told me the next gesture or shape to add, then she followed me with colors of her choosing. At one point she said, “I think it’s time for the turtles.” So, there are turtles.

Just after the turtles arrived, so did Clara. When she offered to help, Hazel bossed us both around (Thanks, Clara!). Around and around we went, line, gesture, shape and color. We aren’t finished, but we made some beautiful progress!

On another day, Hazel came over to boss me around again. We painted the NEOWISE comet flying into our design and continued our work, round and round. This time Hazel decided she wanted the outer ring to reflect the colder season, so we added her knit hat and some blue snowmen. Just as the carrot noses were complete, Hazel’s dad came by, so she had to go home. Not to worry–the work will go on!