arts learning for the rest of us


Here’s the thing about us as adults and parents: We have no problem prioritizing arts learning for children and young people, but we rarely make time for those expressions for ourselves. It is true that we benefit greatly from these experiences–as witnesses, sure, but especially as participants.

If I have a crusade, it is to share this studio and make visual arts experiences a part of our everyday lives in this community. We have so many talented people woven into our creative fabric and I want to make my contribution. I think it makes us all richer to experience hands-on artistic expression.

“I believe the practice of making art is magical and transformative. When we gather around the same worktable, artmaking has the power to build community.”

–Kristin Allen / greenwater garage

This is what is guiding the future direction of greenwater garage. I began thinking seriously about this endeavor by going through the STARTUP Bootcamp program.* That process helped me form some goals for this creative workspace and its role in our community. *I highly recommend this program. Feel free to ask me more about it if you are interested.


teacher’s gotta teach

Just as I was working on my plan for the greenwater workspace, I discovered that my friend, Maria Novak, had an interest in teaching adult art classes… Amazing serendipity!

By day, she is the art teacher at Prairie Woods Elementary, running the kids through the fundamentals of a solid visual arts education. She has a BA in Arts Education from the University of Wisconsin/River Falls and is an excellent teacher with a sincere passion for the work of teaching art. Plus–she’s fun! You will enjoy the lively art workshops she leads while you learn valuable skills.

Maria loves to develop arts curriculum and has many projects in her bag of tricks. She has planned our class schedule through to next fall already, but we are launching them slowly so we can catch up with ourselves!

Here are our goals for all greenwater workshops in the coming year:

  • We provide all project tools and supplies.
  • You learn authentic art-making fundamentals.
  • You will learn how to use the medium and the techniques necessary.
  • We create a comfortable, relaxing workspace.
  • Bringing friends is encouraged; adults and teens ages 16 and up.
  • Complimentary coffee and water is provided.
  • You always take home something cool that you made.

Our project offering will be widely varied, so keep track of us on this site or like our Facebook page. If you are wandering around New London, feel free to drop in and check us out. It is our hope that you are able to take part in our workshops, club nights or open studio events along the way. We know schedules are tight, but we encourage you to take some time for yourself–and your brain / your heart / your soul. Come learn something new and make something cool!

We all need you to express your creative self.