they came by bus


I have to investigate this further. There are many of us “civilians” who ponder the same question. Where do all these gals come from? Where does this bus load up? Are there drinks served on the bus? Tea and watercress sandwiches? I understand this is some sort of quilt shop hop, but that ain’t all these gals are doing in town.

On an otherwise chilly, gray day this bus full of cheery souls rolls down Main Street and groups of happy ladies disembark and wander from store to store — in New London! The gals are always smiling as they stroll around town, shopping bags in hand. It is wonderful, really.

I do like busloads of smiley people…but there must be drinks on board. Next time they come by, I will hop on the bus and do some interviews. I need to investigate this further…

One response to “they came by bus

  1. There was always such a delicious sense of anticipation in the five little words, “a bus is coming tomorrow”, We would make extra coffee and set out more Norwegian oat cookies than usual, or, oh the joy of it, lefse! When the mysterious treasure hunters wandered off the bus it was always fun to play twenty questions. Usually within the first six some thread of common ground was discovered with much satisfaction and surprise and discussed for a bit over the steaming coffee and then the shopping could begin in earnest. Ahh, New London.

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