going to d.school

Today I jetted into the city to take a class at CoCoMSP in the historic Minneapolis Grain Exchange building. Every once in awhile I need to drive in traffic, navigate as a pedestrian, ask questions of strangers and find a unique food option all by myself. I need to see people of all colors and orientations and aesthetics. And then ignore them all during an elevator ride. Plus, I always need new ideas.


So, CoCo is a collaborative co-working space in the middle of everything. A fabulous place to use as a sometime/part-time workspace; especially as a contractor or freelancer like me. It has a friendly vibe and the folks who use it seem like potential pals, if not workmates. Like it. Like it there very much.

The course I took was a d.school Crash Course, developed at Stanford University, which teaches the principles of design thinking as applied to business. It is what I do for a living, only more concise and digestible. I’m looking for workshops to offer at greenwater, and this would be a great one. LOTS of application possibilities.

There is much more on the horizon for this little greenwater project…stay alert!

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