this one i like

I may have mentioned this before, but I see a lot of trucks race by every day. Generally, I don’t like them. They are too big, too fast & too loud to race right through town like they do.

But this one…this one I like.

The simplicity and the color and the cleanliness and the authentically retro font–I love it all. That font is especially yummy. This semi goes by slow and turns the corner by my office window so I can drool over the font just a bit longer. In the olden days–the early days of my design life–I dreamed of designing a sample book for a paper company. One of those sky’s-the-limit projects where you can take it from original concept to finished form and be as creative as you could be, as long as it showed off the paper samples. Those were the cherry projects, the ones to aspire to.

Well I never did design a sample book, but I can feel that dream like I could then. Feels funny to get to a point in my life where I can grin knowingly over my old dreams. I think of those dreams every time the Dacotah truck comes by again & makes me drool.

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