best fort ever

When I was a kid, I loved to build forts. I would get my sisters, cousins, neighbor kids–anybody willing–to help me build a fort. We built forts everywhere; on the bluff behind our house, in the attic of the garage or in the hedgerow between our houses. I remember one we built in the backyard from cedar shingles and roofing nails: we nailed the shingles to one another like a wooden quilt, resulting in a little hovel we had to crawl into on our bellies. It was also dangerous. Once inside, we would have to huddle together in the center or risk a puncture wound from the walls of nails that surrounded us. Those were the days.

I realized about halfway through this remodeling project that I am doing the same thing here at greenwater. Building a fort. But this…This. Is. The. Best. Fort. Ever.


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