SPARK of clarity

Going to St Louis with my pal Betsy, being at the SPARK Conference, listening to Seth Godin and Jonah Lehrer talk about creativity, attending workshops and meeting new people who think about this stuff like we do–it was all so exhilarating. There is no way to explain its effect on me in any coherent or succinct way. All I can say is that it has helped me see more clearly and get myself to here. Here, where I can explain to you what greenwater garage + gallery is all about. Here, where I can tell the story of how I got to this place. Here, where I can move forward with plans we only had sketched in pencil before. I feel like it was a weekend that injected me with a clarity I needed badly. We stayed in a groovy hotel (Moonrise) with a rooftop bar, ate in wonderful and strange places, walked the full length of the Loop many times, watched an inner-city bike race, and had luxurious conversations about all sorts of everything.

The presentations by these two thought leaders were excellent, for sure, but the thing that solidified all they said for me was the dialog afterward. Betsy, our friend Carl and I discussed and chatted and almost-argued about the points they made and the workshops we attended. It was great fun, and I basked in all of it. Thanks to my travel mates for your openness and willingness to gab incessently. You helped me get here!