the nickel tour

You can find this funny little structure on the south end of downtown New London. Our gorgeous sign was created by Tracy Tebben, the Industrial Technology instructor at NL-S, and we finally figured out how to mount it on the property.

We put new shingles on the chalet this past summer and now this little shop is a shiny new penny!

greenwater sign picture

The chalet is what we call the front–and oldest–part of the building. The front room has a lively view of downtown New London, a vaulted ceiling and furniture that changes constantly. Soon, it will become a showroom and pop-up gallery space, open to the public.


My design office is where I spend my workdays. The view of the street and the Mill Pond from my chair make the stresses of the day tolerable. It has a terrific visitor’s chair that welcomes a wandering pal from time to time.

My wonderful art studio is in the space that used to house a wheel balancer, a healthy inventory of tires, car parts and oil by the quart. What was once a very dark area is now a bright room that captures all the light moods of the day. It has the largest sink in the place, so it has been used as storage and a food prep area for the events we’ve been having. I love it here; easy place to lose myself.

The service bay is where the action is. We have it set up with a conversation area that floats around the room as the event requires. The other three quadrants of the room can be filled with tables & chairs for a meeting, suspended display panels for an exhibit, project tables for a workshop or a carpet & throw pillows for a movie night.



What tour would be complete without seeing the bathrooms? I am quite proud of these, primarily because of what we started with. In an effort to share my love for typography with my visitors, I cut large letterforms out of plywood, painted them solid black and wrangled them behind each toilet. Because of legacy plumbing issues, the stools sit away from the wall a bit too far,  so I had to put something back there. Weird, I know, but at least I am honest about it.