mixed media monday

There are so many ways to expand your arts learning through our mixed media sessions. Each project begins with a review of the medium or techniques used in a process. You are encouraged to make your own artwork expressions once you understand how the materials work best for you.

Open to adults of all skill levels. A material list is posted with each session but all participants are encouraged to use what you already have and, most importantly–what you like!

You can post your explorations to a private greenwater Facebook community–or not. As you develop your practice in the company of others, you will find support, encouragement, inspiration and friends!


FOCUS OF STUDY: Contemporary Illustration Techniques

Each greenwater online session includes a review of materials, demonstration of a technique, a guided warm-up exercise and time to work together on a related assignment. This session is intended and built for adults of all skill levels.

Supplies needed for all Mixed Media Monday sessions this month:

  • Black waterproof pens (Micron or Copic)
  • White paint pens of your choice (this link might help you choose)
  • Watercolor paper; 9×12 size
  • Watercolor paints in a variety of colors; these can be tube/pan/cake or sets
  • A selection of round and flat brushes [size 0-10] (example set)
  • Smooth, white palette surface
  • Container for water
  • Cloth rag or paper towels
  • Masking tape (lo-tack white is best)
  • Smooth painting board, clip board or surface where you can tape down your paper

Classes & Topics

Jan 4 – Abstracts – Drop Color + Markmaking

Jan 11 – Loose Florals – Brush + Penwork

Jan 18 – Butterfly – Layering watercolor

Jan 25 – Birds – Spatter + Splashes

The format of the greenwater online workshops is casual, conversational and interactive. You are encouraged to join with your mic and video on in order to interact with the instructor and the other members of the workshop.

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